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myLauncher is a portable app capable of launching files, folders, programs, and websites from a small, unobtrusive interface.

The interface is a little dated in appearance, but it still offers what is needed to be a useful tool. It allows you to create and customize launch lists easily along with list names for easy access and searching. When you want to launch after creating your lists, all that is required is entering the two character Command Code and the Launch Name in the text box. You can also add web URLs to a Launch List via drag n' drop into the URL text box. If you use myLauncher on a USB, it keeps each machines data separate making it easy to carry bookmarks, etc., with you. ....

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FreewareFiles Editor's Review
When it comes to a Windows launcher, there are several from which to choose. A simple to use, light-weight, and portable launcher is myLauncher.
If you are a looking for a Windows launcher that offers excellent versatility, then you have come to the right place. Here is everything about myLauncher in a nutshell.

Here's a quick rundown of noteworthy features:
Capable of launching files, folders, programs, email, and websites
Unique feature that allows you to start an item just by using two characters
Can create launch lists for each computer if using the program from a flash drive
Ability to create easy to remember names to launch an item easily
No installation needed - it is entirely standalone
Great flexibility (can be executed from a flash drive)
Awesome ergonomics, especially since it does not necessarily take so much screen area
Allows easy inclusion of bookmarks
Equipped with a handy QuickLauncher, which can efficiently launch items in just a single click
Offers a 'Theme' feature for more personalization
Includes built-in help feature
myLauncher does not come with any malware, viruses, or even adware. There is no donation button or reminder of anything - none at all. This gives you the confidence to run it on your PC with ease.

Is It Worth It?
myLauncher is definitely worth it! Not only is it pretty handy (usable even from a flash drive), but it also comes with an improved user experience. You will not be burdened by pop-ups or malicious files. It is indeed a go-to Windows Launcher for several users.

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