myLauncher - Help

  myLauncher is a simple, easy to use Program Launcher. It also opens Files, Folders. Control Panel applets, web pages and dial telephone (regular phone charge applies) and send email using default programs.
 myLauncher - Help is stand alone Help for myLauncher.
Though myLauncher - Help is Help program for myLauncher, these two programs, myLauncher and myLauncher - Help are completely independent of each other. Main program myLauncher can be used without having Help or Help can be viewed without even having the main program.
 System Requirements :
Screen Resolution 800/600 or higher.
Visual Basic Runtime 6.0 SP5 or higher.
Microsoft Scripting Runtime 5.6 or higher.
Internet Explorer 5.0 (for myLauncher - Help version 3.0) or higher.

Windows XP or Vista.
Should work on other versions of Windows from Windows Me (for myLauncher - Help from Windows 98) and upward, but not tested.

myLauncher should work on Windows 98 and NT if WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is installed (available at, but not tested.

In higher versions of Windows WMI is already included.
myLauncher - Help doesn't need WMI.
  Before downloading please make sure Internet Explorer of minimum required or higher version is already installed in your machine. If WMI is needed, have it installed too.
  To download myLauncher or myLauncher - Help please go to download page.
  Created by Rutanil.
Copyright © 2004, Rutanil. All rights reserved.