myLauncher is a Program Launcher.
myLauncher also opens File, Folder, Control Panel Applet, Web Page, and dials Telephone (not free, regular telephone charge applies) and sends Email using default programs. Programs, Files, Folders or Web Pages can be opened by typing complete path or URL. Telephone can be dialed by typing telephone number. Email can be sent by typing email address.

All of the above items can be added to Launch List with a Launch Name (alias) and above actions can be taken by typing Launch Name or by selecting from the Launch List.

myLauncher auto completes Launch Names. So, in most cases only a few letters of Launch names needed to be typed.

If a web site URL starts with 'http://www.' and ends with '.com', '.net', '.org' or '.gov' then a shorter URL can be typed to open it.

myLauncher recognizes it's own Drive while runs from Removable Media though the Drive Letter may change from machine to machine.

If used from a Removable Media, Programs, Files and Folders on that Media can be added to Launch List and can be opened in any machine by typing related Launch Name.

While running from a Removable Media, Programs, Files and Folders from computers Hard Disk can be added to Launch List from one user selected machine. But only once and only one machine can be selected and this selection can't be changed later.

Browser Neutral Bookmark :
If web pages added to Launch List (kind of Bookmarking without a Browser) while myLauncher runs from a Removable Media, can be opened by typing Launch Names, in any machine with any Browser set as Default, using myLauncher from that Media.
  Created by Rutanil.
Copyright © 2004, Rutanil. All rights reserved.