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Time Limited Version 2019.1

myLauncher is a windows Launcher. Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10 only,  Since created with 32-bit Visual Basic, supposed to run on other version of Windows too, if proper Runtime file is installed in the machine.

Since it is not tested enough, it may have lot of bugs, and that's why this version is time limited. Will run only one month. Version with no time limit soon will be released after a little more testing. If you are interested and dare to try the beta version then feel free to download.

Note: No virus, no trojan, no malware, no spyware, no adware, no nag screen, no donation button, no reminder of anything, nothing !!


Launches program, file, folder and website. Stand alone, no installation required. Can be used from flash drive. While running from flash drive, keeps each machines data separate.

Doesn't take much screen area, please see the picture of the program on top of the page.

Add web URL to Launch List by dragging the URL from browser and droping on it's URL text box.  Makes list of added website available on each machine if used from a flash drive, making it easy to carry bookmarks in pocket.

Includes a handy QuickLauncher (see picture bellow) to launch items from Launch List just by one click.


How The Program Works

User will add items (program, file etc.) to Launch List selecting a LaunchName (or Magic Word, Key Word, ... or whatever sounds good to you). 

To Launch an item user will type a Command in the text box of the main window and press enter on the keyboard (a Command = CommandCode + LanchName,  no space in between CommandCode and LaunchName).

CommandCodes has only two characters. In most of the cases first character of the CommandCode identifies the type of the item (program, file, folder etc.) and in most of the cases second character identifies the type of LaunchName (predefined or user defined).

There are only a few CommandCode, nothing to worry about having to remember a lot of staff.