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Informations on myBrowser - Help is at the bottom of this page.
  Installation On Computers Hard Disk :
If your machine does not meet system requirements and you have downloaded installation package :
       1. Unzip it to a temporary folder.
       2. Double click on Setup.exe to run inastallation.
       3. Follow screen instructions.

If any of the required files included in the setup package is already installed in your machine and the file in your machine is of newer version than the file included in the package then during installation you may get a message to the effect :
      A file is being copied is older than the file you already have.
      Do you want to keep your file?

If so, select to keep your newer version.

After installation you can delete the files that you unzipped on step 1.
  If machine meets system requirements and you downloaded program file myBrowser.exe : No Installation. Run the Program.

Since myBrowser creates a Folder and some files for it's own use, it's better to save myBrowser.exe in a new Folder and run the program from that Folder.
  To run myBrowser from a Removable Media just copy myBrowser.exe on the Media. Host machine must meet all system requirement.
  myBrowser - Help
Stand alone Help for myBrowser.
Download myBrowser - Help if you want to.
Setup package for myBrowser includes myBrowser - Help. If you downloaded setup package for latest version of myBrowser then you don't need this.

To download myBrowser - Help create a Folder named 'Help' inside the Folder where myBrowser.exe is and save myBrowserHelp.exe in the newly created 'Help' Folder. Please do not rename the file while saving, it may not run if you do so.

If you save myBrowserHelp.exe in any other Folder then you must run it once by double clicking on the file name from Windows Explorer. myBrowser will not find it untill you do so.

When you run myBrowser it should automatically find this Help.
If myBrowser was already running then you will need to restart it.

Download myBrowser - Help.
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